Goal-directed, Educationally-based Coaching, Training & Nutritional Support Programs for Corporate Weight Management,
Bariatric Surgery Pre-Qualification, Personal Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance & Wellness
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Welcome to the Premier Weight Management and Wellness Success Program (PWMWSP), your structured, professionally monitored weight management and wellness solution. We are excited about your interest in our state-of-the-art goal-directed educationally-based weight management and health empowerment system. Furthermore, our weight loss and weight maintenance system are coupled to your metabolism plus provide automated access to high quality nutritional support through our vendor partners as well as structured, aerobic exercise guidance and fitness training.

We are metabolically driven and health improvement focused. Our weight management and wellness strategies and wellness systems have been clinically proven. We empower the participant to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off by helping them to learn how to make the necessary healthy lifestyle changes associated with long term weight control and health maintenance. The PWMS Programs teach participants how to “manage their weight,” not “watch it”, through sound nutrition principle, exercise, lifestyle management techniques, coping skill enhancement, and calorie balancing strategies.

Utilizing the PWMWS Program is straightforward and simple. If you are an individual, patient or employee of an enterprise who is interested in losing weight, improving your health, preparing for long term weight control, or qualifying for a weight loss surgery procedure, please enroll into one of our cutting edge web-assisted educational training, graduated exercise, and nutritional support programs by clicking here.

To become a PWMWS Program participant and success story, simply enroll and register by clicking on Online Programs/Program Enrollment and selecting your desired PWMWS Educational Support Program. After enrollment, login and complete your personal profile, set a personal weight loss goal and complete the Pre-test, Review Course and Quizzes, and then Post-test. Remember to complete your personal Weight Loss Goal Profile after you have logged in. You are now ready to begin your journey to weight loss success.

Please review all online teaching modules before you complete the related self-assessments. After you take the Preparatory Course Post-test, you can print your Certificate of Completion and follow up with your PWMWS Professional Coach/Trainer for additional instructions and baseline metabolism assessment,and personal calorie budget.

Your PWMWS Professional Coach will reinforce the selected PWMWS behavior modification, nutrition, health or fitness principles, and clinically document your progress and program participation. If you desire a surgical weight loss solution, the PWMWS or your personal physician's practice will refer you to a qualified bariatric surgeon at the conclusion of the program with appropriate, accurate and complete clinical documentation, which is provided through using our state-of-the-art surgical weight management medically-supervised clinical document system.

For more information on how to get started and/or use the PWMWS Program, please click here.

Program participants who sign up directly under a registered physician into one of our PWMS Coaching Program solutions will receive complimentary packages of Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement Shake Mix after completion of Personal Goal Profiler, Online Premier Weight Management Success Preparatory Training Course, including Pre-test and Post-test and enrollment into one of our Professionally-supervised Weight Management Success Coaching Programs.

If you are a Certified Personal Trainer and are interested in learning more about our programs and/or how to get your clients started using the Premier Weight Management and Wellness Success Programs, such as the Bariatric Surgery Preparatory and Pre-Qualification Programs, and Professionally-supervised Coaching System, please click here for more information.

To learn more about our Corporate Weight Management Success & Wellness Programs, please click here for more information.

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