Stepwise, Goal-directed, Educationally-reinforced Healthy Lifestyle Modification and Weight Management Success Coaching Programs

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General Program Structure and Contents
Dr. Danner

Example of Structured 6-Month PWMSC Program

PCS = Professionally-supervised Personal Coaching/Training Session

Our Comprehensive 6-Month Turn-key Education, Coaching, Personal Training and Nutritional Support Programs Enhances Your Primary Physician's Ability to Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss and Wellness Goals and Includes the Following:
  • Professionally-supervised Weight Management and Wellness Success Educational Support Program, Online Self-Assessment System, (Each Course includes 6 to 26 Virtual Teaching Modules)
  • State-of-the-Art PWMS/Bariatric Surgery Pre-qualification and Clinical Progress Documentation System
  • Web-based Weight Loss Tracking and Program Participation System

Review Core Principles/Teaching Modules
  • Initial PWMS Module: The Danbar Lifestyle Management Program
  • Initial PWMS Module: Obesity: A Serious Risk
  • Core PWMS Module 1: Goal Setting and Programming for Success
  • Core PWMS Module 2: Health Risk Factors
  • Core PWMS Module 3a: Introduction to Proper Nutrition, or
  • Core PWMS Module 3b: Knowing Nutrients and Their Role in the Body
  • Core PWMS Module 4a: The Role of Physical Activity
  • Core PWMS Module 4b: The Benefits of Regular Exercise
  • Core PWMS Module 5: Managing Stress Without Using Food to Do It
  • Core PWMS Module 6: Maintaining Balance: Time Management
  • Core PWMS Module 7: Habit Awareness and Overcoming Barriers to Success
  • Core PWMS Module 8: Lifestyle Change Process and On-going Weight Management
  • Supplemental PWMS Module 9: Environmental Controls and Breaking the Stimulus Response Chain
  • Supplemental PWMS Module 10: How to Build Confidence
  • Supplemental PWMS Module 11: Effective Communication Skills Development
  • Supplemental PWMS Module 11a: Reading Food Labels and Ingredient Substitution
  • Supplemental PWMS Module 12: Embracing Change
  • Exit PWMS Module: Introduction to Bariatric Surgery
  • Pre-Counseling PWMS Module: Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives to Bariatric Surgery
Special Bonus Features

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